Can I have my child change classes?

School has finally resumed! Problem: your child would like to change classes. But in which case is this possible? Response with Maître Valérie Piau, lawyer specializing in education law, author of the “Guide Piau, the rights of pupils and parents of pupils”.

The school year is a sometimes stressful time for your child. One of his main anxieties? His class ! Will he be with his friends? Will he love his mistress? Unfortunately, it happens that the reality does not correspond to his expectations and that he wants to change class

Procedure for his child to change class

As the education lawyer explains, to make a change in class, you must first contact the head of the school. For that, it is necessary to have objective reasons! Master Valérie Piau recalls: “ It is not a right. The change request will be examined at the discretion of the head of the establishment ”. If your request is not accepted, you always have the possibility of turning to his hierarchical superior, the academic director of the national education services. However, this does not mean that the change of class will be made. Indeed, some arguments will have more weight than others.

He is not in the same class as his friends

Last year he had a dream class, with all his classmates. This year, he finds himself all alone, and his friends are all together! But is this an argument that justifies a change of class ? Well not really. As Master Piau explains: “This can leave the school director wary. Because it is he who has the key word. You can put forward an objective reason to claim that he is in the same class as one of his comrades. For example, if you make arrangements with another family to travel with the children, that you have them looked after by the same “nanny”, or that your child suffers from anxiety and that his psychologist recommends that he be with a comrade etc … A circumstantial and objective reason can be a valid argument to obtain a change of class. Without an objective reason, apart from friendships, class change is unlikely to be successful. ” It is understandable that your child is sad to be separated from his friends during school hours. Try to reassure him by telling him that he can meet his friends at recess or in the canteen , and that they can come and have a snack at home on Wednesday afternoon. Also tell him that this is the opportunity to meet new people. Not to mention that at this age, bonds are created much more easily.

He doesn’t like his mistress

Disappointment, your child does not have the teacher or teacher he wanted. Worse, he doesn’t like his new teacher ! Again, this argument is not a reason for a class change. Chat with your child, and ask him why he doesn’t like his master or mistress. Make him put things in perspective, by explaining that he / she is not there to be friends with him, but to teach. However, take their problem seriously, and take the time to listen to them.. Do not criticize the teacher in front of him either. Reassure him by explaining that if he doesn’t like it now, it may change over the course of the year. It is the same if the depreciation of the professor emanates from you. Indeed, if you want your child to change class to work with a particular teacher, on the pretext that he or she has a better reputation, your request will probably be rejected.

The teacher harasses your child

Unfortunately, it happens that your child has good reasons to dislike his mistress, in the event that she denigrates, harasses him, or mistreats him . Ultimately, your child’s mental health may be impacted. According to Me Piau : “It is also possible to justify a request for a change of class in an exceptional and derogatory manner in the event of difficulties encountered by your child with his teacher. In particular, in rare but existing cases of harassment by a teacher against a student, or repeated humiliating and vexatious remarks detrimental to the health and education of the child. In this case, it is necessary to collect evidence of harassment in particular, by asking for the testimony of those who witnessed it as well as certificates from doctors, psychologists or other professionals following the child, of the consequences on health and his schooling. harassment and bullying at school. ”

He is in the same class as his stalkers

According to the health observatory , 700,000 students are harassed each year . Your child may have been the victim of bullying at school . If so, and he ends up in the same class as his stalkers, then you can request that he change his class. As the lawyer reminds us, the fight against harassment is a national priority: “If we do not have a very rapid reaction, during the week, do not hesitate to notify above, to the inspector of National Education for primary and kindergarten, or once again with DASEN for the others . In the event of harassment, it is possible to request either a change of class or a change of school. ”

Change of school for geographic reasons

You may also want your child to change schools and not attend your neighborhood school, but rather close to your job . In this case, it is not a change of class but a change of school that you formulate with the town hall . Other geographic arguments include bringing siblings together, or even the desire to put your child close to a health establishment, in which he has regular care follow-up. In any case, you must make a letter of request for exemption, and provide supporting documents. In the case of a move, the procedures are different , but you will have to carry out some with the old and the new school.