How can we manage the morning rush together before school?

” Hurry up ! “, ” We are going to be late ! “,” I don’t want to go to school! »… Your mornings follow one another and are alike? What if we started the day without screaming or pressure thanks to the advice of Super Nanny? Our advice for dealing with the morning rush before leaving for school.

Mornings in the speed, we all know. Between the “snooze” (which make it possible to sound the alarm on your phone again), the big one who does not want to get out of bed and the youngest one who hangs out to get dressed … It’s a real “first” day ”that parents go through between waking their children up and arriving at work. The morning rush is often a race against time, where you try to do everything quickly. Sylvie Jenaly, alias Super Nanny * gives us her advice to start the day serenely.

Save time in the morning
What if the key to a peaceful morning was good organization? Prepare the clothes for the whole family the night before – taking care to check the weather forecast and everyone’s schedule so as not to have to start all over after taking a look out the window – set the breakfast table before to go to bed, to bathe in the evening … In the morning, any minute is good to take! And if, on your side, you manage to opt for a (very) early morning wake-up call, that’s even better. To enjoy an hour just for you, time for a relaxing bath or a video yoga class, and to take the time to prepare yourself without a child in your paws. Once ready, you can devote yourself entirely to them.

Have a good breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sweet, salty, both, it doesn’t matter what anyone prefers, as long as the kids go to school with something in their belly! The ideal is to devote between 20 and 30 minutes, and in family, it is even better to start the day well together. If you’re really into the speed, a cupcake taken out and eaten on the trip can do the trick, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. Do we dress or eat first? There is no rule, we adapt to the child.

Act gently (and in a good mood)
Waking up your big baby, all asleep, all warm, that’s for sure, it hurts your heart. And when you get there, he chucks or growls every other time. The solution: let him wake up alone, by himself, making noise in the house (music, cupboard doors, laughter …), but not at the last moment. Children take some time to emerge (10-15 minutes), especially if going to bed the night before was difficult. Allow an average of one hour at home, before departure, may be sufficient, it all depends on the travel time from school to home that must also be taken into account.

Is your child moaning or not listening? Find tips and stay calm. You can ask him things in the form of parent-child play, without emotional competition (better than between siblings, to avoid unnecessary jealousy ): “Which of us is going to get his shoes on first?” », Ask him what he would be happy to do after school, promise him a quality game time in the evening, explain to him that he must have breakfast now so that the day passes faster, etc. .

Mornings with several children
We can ask the oldest if he can manage himself, by reminding him that we have confidence in him. We can even ask him to give us a hand to dress the little one who still needs help, it will enhance his role as a big brother. Cadets sometimes accept more that it is the elders who take care of them rather than the parents! If you have a baby who stays at home, he can play in his deckchair or in his playpen while the tribe is getting ready and keep his pajamas on for the journey. With twins, who often have the same requests at the same time, if both parents are available, so much the better, if not … We do what we can!

Do you need to plan for (quiet) playing time?
Playtime is not a requirement, but it can help bring calm, help wake up well, bring a touch of good humor to the house. It can also make the older one wait, if his little brother is struggling or needs help, and even all the siblings if you yourself are not yet completely ready. Just keep in mind that if the children start to play, they will have to stop at some point (remember to warn them beforehand). On the other hand, it is better to avoid games on smartphones. The child, in interaction, will begin to use his brain to succeed in the game even before arriving at school, it is a pressure that is not necessary.

Optimize the journey
School is a stone’s throw from the house and your child manages the scooter or the bike like a pro? Why not if the trip is safe (no stress), if that doesn’t add an additional mental load to you : what to do next if you can’t leave it at school? A ride hand-in-hand, or in the car, is always a good way to start the day with a chat and singing.