How to act if your child uncovers himself at night?

Blanket or quilt, nothing helps! Every night, your child discovers himself while he sleeps! You will tirelessly cover him up but he often ends his night in his pajamas on his fitted sheet. Why is your child taking off their blankets? What to do ?

Your child has been sleeping for a few hours now. Without making the slightest noise, you will pay him a little visit, just to make sure he sleeps soundly. Like every evening, the show playing in his room is the same! Your little one has indeed fallen into the arms of Morpheus but he has pushed back his duvet, he is no longer covered at all. Her bedroom is far from freezing cold, but the top of her pajamas rises above her stomach in the same way her quilt is lowered to the foot of her bed. A priori, it does not matter but you fear that he will catch a cold and that he will wake up. What should you do ? Should you let him sleep on his sheet, without a blanket or quilt? Is it necessary to pull the quilt up on him?

Why is your child uncovering himself in his bed?

There are several hypotheses to consider. First, it is possible that your child is just too hot under the duvet , it may be too thick. In addition, you should know that children are often less cautious than adults. To make sure your child is okay with this, look at your toddler, watch him for a moment: Is he sweating? Is her hair slightly wet? Is her neck warm? Touch his fitted sheet and pillow: are they wet? If your child has been sweating, it is best not to get cold, he could catch an inflammation of the airways or a minor cold.

Sleep in children is variable. Some have a very restless sleep during which they wriggle, even change direction and end their night with their head instead of their feet, in their bed. In this kind of case, it is difficult for the blankets to stay in place and cover the child at night . Another possibility is that your child is not comfortable in their pajamas. Too much coverage, too tight, itchy fabric … There can be many reasons.

What must be done so that he stops discovering himself during his sleep, at night?

There are several possible solutions to keep a child warm at night while he is sleeping and to prevent him from uncovering himself:- Cover your child reasonably well in his bed. Don’t add more than enough covers. And check if your child continues to discover himself or not. One evening, you can also try to put your child to bed without covering him at all (taking care to check that the room itself is sufficiently heated) and come and see while he sleeps if he seems more comfortable and, above all, , if he’s not cold.

– Make him sleep as long as possible in his baby sleeping bag . While most brands offer models up to two years old, some of them offer scalable sleeping bags up to the age of 3. With legs, rather than a bag system, your child will be able to stand up and walk unhindered as soon as he is awake.

– Put on him an over pyjama, he replaces the sheet, the duvet or the blankets. The over pyjama slips over the pajamas and some models even offer a hood, the top to protect the head from drafts. With integrated non-slip feet, in fleece, thick cotton or polyester velor, the children’s over pyjama completely envelops the little one and keeps him warm in winter.

– Opt for the sleeping bag. Cousin of the sleeping bag, it keeps the child well wrapped up all night and moves with him. Due to its enveloping shape, it is more complicated to push back or remove. The sleeping bag for children is also quite popular!

– Adopt grandmothers’ methods, tuck the blankets under the mattress. The method is not completely foolproof and is more effective with a sheet and blankets than with a quilt. In addition, this method is not always appreciated by children who may suddenly feel cramped in their bed (and we understand them!). To see, therefore!