Master Robot, a site on the educational uses of digital technology

This platform is a resource bank for anyone wishing to integrate digital technology into their educational practices. Teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist, trainer … So many professions related to teaching and which are undergoing upheaval by the meteoric arrival of technology in the forge of practices.

The fundamentals of free software are often put forward. Through his techno pedagogical charter , the author also makes a link between free software and the priority missions of education in Belgium.

Through the pages of Master Robot, the author gives you more leads than lessons. It is aimed at all the craftsmen of a responsible, formative, emancipatory, critical and creative use of the web within a fundamental school (community of life).

Master Robot is a living site thanks to its regular updates : the pages are growing quickly. Its author is still a teacher. It is an asset which dresses the shares with an interesting practical sense.

Beyond individual sharing, the author gradually forges links with other stakeholders . In particular, you will find a podcast space where teachers from all walks of life discuss their use of digital technology.

If you take the time to visit the place, you will come across a somewhat atypical space for the moment: the use of 3D printing in the field of education. The author shares with you models he created from A to Z: from 3D design to printing. You can therefore download the files produced to modify them or print them yourself.

Among other things, you will be able to discover original educational material such as:

  • A system of gears
  • An abacus
  • An astonishing Phenakistiscope

By following the publications, we realize that 3D printing can indeed be a valuable ally to enrich its educational material, but also to create material for students with specific needs.

Master Robot is already well developed and it is certain that you will find excellent ideas to liven up your courses or your practices: on the way to an augmented reality. Because teaching is first and foremost a story of encounters, journeys and discoveries. This reality can be enriched with little numeric touches. The author encourages you to do so while keeping in mind the meaning of the practices.

Finally, the author is responsive. Be assured to receive a constructive and rapid feedback to your requests via the contact form or the comments of the articles.